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Morro Bay Whole House Remodel

Constructed in the late 40’s or early 50’s a 20ftx20ft beach cabin was built on Elena Street in Morro Bay, California. Built with 2×4 framing(floor joists, walls and ceiling joist), red wood 1×6 t&g siding, 1×4 DF flooring and exposed 1×12 red wood ceiling/ sub roof. The interior consisted of three walls to make a bathroom. Also constructed was a single car garage with a dirt floor with the structure supported on concrete curbs 6 inches wide by 9 inches deep to 25 inches (no footing) depending on the slope of the lot. Then back filled to level the floor.

Fast forward to 1973/74 and the cabin was jacked up on cribbing and a 2 car garage and a concrete block foundation was built. There was also a 2 story addition and a lot of retaining walls built at the same time. Sometime between then and the 1980’s the old garage was converted to a laundry room and spare bedroom.

Early last year our adventure start in putting together a project to completely remodel this home. We met with my clients to see what they envisioned and then we all met with Keven Bates Architecture to create that vision. The process of the plans, surveys, engineering and permits took well over a year.

We broke ground in August 2019 and the project is in the final framing at this time.

We have completed this project which took decidedly longer then expected. It came out well, with that Morro Bay beach house look.